A final blog to the 2016 Teaching Garden

With freezing temps this morning, a hardy group of Master Gardeners gathered to give the Teaching Garden a blanket of compost to keep the lawn walking areas snug and strong enough to endure the coming winter months. Many (Leslie, Alan, Bob and Joe) manned the wheelbarrows to load up and deliver to . . . . .

dsc_0168 dsc_0167

the walkways (Thomas, Cheryl and Bob) . . . . .

dsc_0169 dsc_0170

where Spencer, Amye, Jean and Harriet  quickly worked it into the turf.

dsc_0172 dsc_0174

dsc_0179 dsc_0180

This huge effort was completed shortly after 11:00am. The temps had climbed from freezing to over 60 degrees.

It’s also important to remember to keep spraying Bobbex for deer control as Ruth is seen doing.


This blogger’s new favorite bush is the Sweet Pepperbush that has been included in several issues over the course of the 2016 season.

dsc_0189 At a bit over 6 feet tall and about as wide,

you can enjoy it all season long.

Today’s issue will be this blogger’s final publication and we are searching for replacements. You don’t need a fancy camera because many photos seen here have been taken by cell phones; we’re looking for Master Gardeners who love the Teaching Garden, and like to chat with others. The purpose of this blog is to deliver to the public the best of our wonderful resource which is MGPW.

If you think you’d like to give it a try, send me your questions in an email (gubrud@verizon.net) and I will get right back to you. Mentoring available while you’re learning!

Happy gardening!





2 thoughts on “A final blog to the 2016 Teaching Garden

  1. Jan, your Word Press Blog on the Teaching Garden, gives it another dimension and allowed those who have departed PWC to continue to enjoy the wonderful magic of the Teaching Garden and the hardworking gracious people who make it a treasure. Best to all my good friends at Extension and MGPW,

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    • Paul, through your caring leadership and training, the Cook’s Garden continues to thrive as a magnet drawing both new and experienced gardeners out to the Teaching Garden. Your former team has grown exponentially, and set a high standard for teaching, planning and hard work and are just the nicest group of people you could hope to be a part of. You took time to talk with me about the Cooks Garden, answering my many questions and that inspired me to look deeper into the Teaching Garden with my camera and for that I thank you. Like you, retirement will find us moving/returning to my roots in Napa, California. Be well! Happy gardening, Jan Gubrud


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