Saturday in the Garden: Your Small Space Garden, Breathtaking Baskets and Vegetable of the Month

Saturday in the Garden – Small Space Gardening and Beautiful Baskets and Potted Posies, and Vegetable of the month (tomato). Nancy Berlin posted these pictures on  Facebook. I hear this Saturday was a huge success! I am sorry I missed the rhubarb and strawberry,  and mock mincemeat green tomato pies made by Charlene Toloso!


Maria Stewart has lots of experience with plants for pollinators in small spaces. Her balcony was a certified Audubon Sanctuary – certified by Master Gardeners who are Audubon Ambassadors.


Spencer Williams, the Rock garden never looked better!


Crocosmia ready to open.


Cheryl Ayers in front of the herb bed and rebuilt rock wall, which provides a microclimate in the cooler months. Our VT intern, Collin, rebuilt this wall this week. Thanks, Collin Miller!


Stachys monieri – thanks for the Id Paige Thacker!


Potatoes in pots! Yukon gold


Growing nutritious microgreens in small spaces


Patriotic container for 4th of July — with Collin Miller. Collin is a summer intern from Virginia Tech, where he is majoring in Wildlife Conservation at the College of Environment and Natural Resources. He grew up in Yorktown and became interested in environmental sciences after spending many days on the Chesapeake Bay.

Harriet Carter talks tomatoes and the audience enjoys Charlene’s mock mincemeat pies made with green tomatoes.


Janell works so hard!



Kathy Westcott’s strength is design. Such good ideas!

June’s Vegetable of the Month is tomato. Look for recipes for each month in Charlene’s cookbook!






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