Signs of Fall in the Vegetable Garden

A change in season can be just the pick-me-up needed to renew one’s spirit, outlook and feel invigorated to tackle new tasks. Out at the Teaching Garden there has been a lot of talk about nature’s way of showing the gardener that fall is approaching. Master Gardener Robin Finehout wrote and posted an excellent write up on this very subject. Her shared research has me noticing signs of fall in my own garden.

In the vegetable garden one of the biggest signs fall is approaching stems from the activities of the gardener. Row covers and trellis are erected for cool loving crops like broccoli, cabbage, and snow peas. Seed packets of lettuce, spinach, turnips and kale once again share a spot with the garden tools. The dying vines of squash and cucumber plants are removed and those areas are prepped with rich compost and covered with seeds of crimson clover and rye.  More time is spent harvesting the flush of tomatoes, peppers and tomatillos. All these activities occurred this morning at the Teaching Garden. We are ready for fall, and with brilliant green cilantro springing up in the corner of the garden, all on its own, the veggie garden is telling us it’s ready for fall too.


Check out Robin’s post:

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