Treats in the Garden

Today we continued the garden ritual of harvesting, weeding, and watering. We also took a peek under the sweet potato protection fencing to see how things are growing. We were surprised to see there were no big tubers bursting from the soil, and concluded this is most likely the result of the wet and cooler summer; sweet potatoes like it hot! So this prompted the decision to change the vegetable topic for the October 21st Saturday in the Garden (SIG) from sweet potatoes to garlic and brassicas. Charlene will be putting together another recipe book, so make sure to send any favorite recipes that include garlic or the brassica family her way. This past SIG was especially sweet with getting to sample Charlene’s chocolate pea pods. I think every child would eat up their legumes if they grew like that.

Visual treats around the garden included: monarch caterpillars in Jannell and Karen’s native bed; a honeybee taking in the menu on the Bee, Butterfly and Hummingbird garden sign; and beautiful, unblemished eggplant dripping off the plants in Jannell’s raised bed.

Enjoy your week and all the visual treats it has to offer.



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