Cook’s Garden Update 3/27/18. by Amye Foelsch, MG

Happenings in the Cook’s Garden…

It was our first day back at the garden, and we hit the ground running! We had some excellent additions to our team, including the three little cuties you see in the pictures below. Duane Mohr came to help, and if I heard correctly he started his Master Gardener adventures in the 90’s! We met Duane during a class this winter and apparently the cook’s team did a good job of convincing him to come back to the Teaching Garden. We are excited to tap into his expertise.

Ellen ensured we had our potato seeds available for planting and with the help of Stephanie’s kids, we got all 40 seeds planted! The brassica bed was prepped, and the frame for the row cover was installed.  The legume bed was also prepped, and Charlene used her creative talents to install netting for our peas to grow, stretch and climb. It’s important to note that our beds were prepped with some amazing compost courtesy of our compost team; check out the earth worms in the picture below!

Next Tuesday we gather again to focus on getting our brassicas, sugar snap, and snow peas planted. We will also look at the raised bed area and perhaps think about starting to build the enclosure around our new beds.

Thank you all for a great day out at the garden. It was so good to see everyone!


Extra help courtesy of Stephanie Johnson  



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