Cooks’ Update, April 10, 2018, by Amy Foelsch

Happenings in the Cook’s Garden…

New skill sets, tools, and muscles were used as we began constructing the new deer fence. Jean and Thomas prepared the day before by measuring and marking exactly where each fence post would go. We also prepped ourselves by watching some short how-to videos on the site. Using a sledgehammer, eight sleeves were pounded into the ground. Steel posts then slid into these sleeves.  It’s a two-person job: one holds a board on top of the sleeve, the other does the pounding. A level is used to periodically check and straighten the sleeve as it moves into the earth. This part of the project requires a serious amount of partner trust; the goal is that the person holding the board will walk away with all fingers intact. I’m happy to report all our fingers are in good working order! Due to the loud pounding we initially wore ear protection, but quickly learned this was not a good idea. The earmuffs did such a great job of muffling sound that Jean couldn’t hear us when we needed her to stop pounding. Needless to say, if Pam had her video equipment at the garden, we would have had new material to add to our growing bloopers reel.

Stay tuned, as next week we hope to finish the job. In the meantime, we have this Saturday, April 14 to look forward to.  Master Gardener Nancy Hanrahan will be kicking off Saturday in the Garden 2018 at 9:00 am by discussing plant propagation.  Make sure to register at It’s free!

Best, Amye




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