TG Cooks’ Garden Update: July 31, 2018

How does your garden grow? As we move into August, the difference between our older garden and our new garden is visually shocking. Our original bed struggles more than ever due to the strange summer weather, a mystery fence breecher who happily eats whatever he can find, and the ever-encroaching shade. Our new garden, sitting in full, glorious sun (when it’s not raining) looks like a forest. The sorghum currently stands at 9’5” and our sunflowers at 10 feet tall! The beans produced well, and the variety of flowers continue to bloom. The cook’s team is happy this new garden is growing well, or we might have had to consider retiring our Master Gardener badges!

Changes are happening in Harriet’s bed too; the change being plants are growing instead of being eaten! The newly installed fence seems to be doing its job. Jannell, Stephanie and Charlene’s raised beds look amazing and continue to produce as well. Our harvest to the monastery today included carrots, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, beans, jalapeno, serrano, and banana peppers and a lovely eggplant from Harriet’s bed.

Happy growing,

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