Cooks’ Gardens Update for 8/14/18

Saturday 8/11 Update: At SIG we picked peppers and basil from RB3 and some sample veg for the class from around the garden. All but one onion and about half the remaining carrots were harvested from RB 1. We also harvested 3 sunflower heads.

Tuesday 8/14 Update: The Garden was very pleasant this morning and surprisingly cool for much of the workday. Lots of harvesting went on amid a flurry of butterflies. Monarchs, blue swallow tails and others were all around the TG this morning.

In the Shed Beds, there was only minor damage from our rodent pest, mostly on the okra. The sweet potatoes seem to be recovering but there is still a big question about if we’ll see a harvest. Still 2 months to go before frost so there’s still hope. We thinned the tomatoes and basil. We picked tomatoes including some green ones that were close enough to the ground it seemed prudent to let them ripen off the vine. We also picked serrano peppers. We put a little more rye and sorghum in SB4 to make up for slow germination.

In the Blueberry beds, we’d removed the surveyor’s tape from around the sun hemp as it was growing upright and had recovered from weeks of storms. After last night’s rain, however:


The beans were picked and cut down in preparation for converting BB1 into Brassicas for the fall. As you can see from the this plant who accidently came up roots and all, the beans have nodulated and all that banked nitrogen will give the Brassicas a good boost over the season.


The Vietnamese cilantro was trimmed but won’t be cut back for overwintering until October. Overall the blueberry beds look good.


In the Bio beds, the deer(?) have been grazing the Mexican sunflower in D, but they are still hanging on. We’ve decided the mystery squash is a buttercup. She has several fruit, but one should be close to ready for harvest in a week or two. We did get 3 eggplant and a little over a pound (16.47 oz) of cherry tomatoes from the bed. Only one of the sunflowers has bloomed but the others in Bio A are getting close to popping. In both Bio A and BB6, the painted lady caterpillar numbers are down to largely insignificant numbers. Crimson clover was overseeded into the sunflowers in Bio A.

In the raised beds, RB1’s okra is growing well. It should have a few fruits to harvest by Thursday. In RB2 the tomatillos are starting to fill their husks but it will be some time before they are harvestable. In RB3, everything harvestable had been harvested at SIG.  In RB4, we harvested over a pound of cherry tomatoes (17.95 oz), over 2 pounds of roma tomatoes (37.21 oz.), as well as several jalapeno and wax peppers. In RB5, we harvest several wax peppers and a few green bells, then overseeded with crimson clover.

The electric fence for the shed beds was put off until next TuesdayNext Tuesday we are also planning to video sunflower harvesting and plant Brassica starts.

Vegetable Planting Guide for PWC:

Cook’s Garden Planting Dates (2013)

Map/Locations for Cooks Gardens 2018






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